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Anne Bonney, Queen of the Pirates

Raintree Restaurant of St. Augustine and Dianne Thompson Jacoby can offer your group an historical dinner theater experience. A Stetson University’s Elderhostel/Road Scholar, Dianne is an Historical Dramatist who performs one woman dramas. All shows are available full length and luncheon length.
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Description of Anne Bonney, Queen of the Pirates

Dianne Thompson Jacoby as a Pirate
Boisterous female pirate Anne Bonney tells the story of the infamous Irish Pirate Queen who cut a bloody swatch through the Blue Caribe. In this rollicking interactive performance with her rowdy fellow pirate Mary Reed and her true love, the notorious Pirate Captain Calico Jack Racham Anne shares fierce stories of life at sea off the coast of Florida and in the Bahamas during the Golden Age of Piracy!

As raucous Anne creates Pirate havoc on stage she shares tales of the adventures that brought her from her illegitimate birth in Ireland to become the most famous of female pirates while an audience member or two take part in the show becoming members of her crew – if they dare. Audacious Anne Bonney shares Pirate lore and history as she recalls the story of her brutal and thrilling life on a pirate ship, from pirate food to floggings to cutlass-wielding attacks… aarh!

Contact Raintree Restaurant at (904) 824-7211
to reserve a dramatic culinary experience for your group.

Meet Dianne Thompson Jacoby

Dianne Thompson Jacoby as Mary Lily Flagler

Dianne is a fourth generation Floridian living in St. Augustine, the Oldest City where she lectures, performs and coordinates Stetson University’s Elderhostel/Road Scholar programs for Stetson University as an adjunct professor. She is also a graduate of Stetson University.

As an Educator, she taught for many years and was an adjunct professor o Art at Flagler College for ten years.

As an Artist, Dianne has exhibited her paintings throughout the United States, she is now specializing in portraits and custom mural painting.

As an Historical Dramatist she researched, wrote and performs one woman dramas.

She is a founding member of St. George Players Theater Troupe performing 16th century Comedia and Mummers shows. She also performs dinner theatre, mystery theatre as well as historical films and educational videos.

As a historical re-enactor she interprets personas from the 1500’s through the Victorian Gilded Age. She serves as a consultant and educator in the area of historical clothing and costuming. She has National Park Service certification in black powder cannon and musket.

Her special interests include Historical preservation and heritage tourism.

Anne Bonney, Queen of the Pirates March 26, 2015