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Limelight Theatre

We’re proud to call The Limelight Theatre our neighbors. Consider treating yourself to wonderful show at the theatre and include a dinner at Raintree Restaurant for a perfectly special evening event.

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Make Reservations for a Group Dinner Show at Raintree Restaurant

Viktor Zenko holding knife stabbing a playing card
Mary Lily Flagler

Looking for a unique way to entertain or show your appreciation?How about dinner and a show? You and your group of 30 to 50 can enjoy dinner with us in our upstairs banquet room which is an intimate setting immersing you in the Play of your choice. Browse our current list of shows as well as our group dinner options and give us a call or send us an email with the Play you choose to see so we can schedule this delicious & entertaining evening for your group. The cost is your dinner option price plus $15 per person. For reservations please call (904) 824-7211 or email us at and enjoy!

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Our Dinner Show Options

Viktor Zenko…is The Thought Detective!

Be amazed by the magic & mentalism of Viktor Zenko! You’ll laughing hysterically as he demonstrates his incredible skill as a Human Lie Detector.

The Three Mrs. Flaglers

Hear the story of empire builder Henry Morrison Flagler through the eyes of his three captivating wives.

Miss Louisa’s Boarding House

From her spellbinding escapes from Seminole Indians to days as an innkeeper, Miss Louisa will regale you with tales of Florida’s frontier years.

Florida: The First 450 Years

Share in the celebration of St. Augustine’s 450 years with three fascinating and historically significant women.

Anne Bonney, Queen of the Pirates

A rollicking interactive performance that tells the story of the infamous Pirate Queen.

Martha Jane’s Cracker Florida

Hear the adventuresome tales of Florida Cracker Martha Jane Pacetti and her early struggles living in primitive Florida of the 1800s

Dona Maria De Menendez, La Bastarda

Elegant 16th century Spanish noblewoman, Dona Maria de Menendez, illegitimate daughter Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles, tells the story of her life.

Christmas with Mrs. Flagler

A lighthearted Christmas special starring the elegant Mary Lily Kenan Flagler, wife of empire builder Henry Morrison Flagler.

An Evening/Afternoon with Mrs. Flagler

Sparkling Mary Lily Kenan Flagler tells about her glorious life with Henry Flagler

The Dingleheimer Predicament

Maggie Thierrien, an accomplished comedian and actor, brings her talent to playwriting in this boisterous whodunit, “The Dingleheimer Predicament”.

Haunted Theatre

“Haunted Theatre: the Last Act” is a fun-filled, scary night of rollicking Halloween theatre. A plethora of beautifully costumed spirits, visiting from our ancient cemeteries, run, yell and creep onto the stage telling their thrilling tales.

Glorious Victorians

​Decorate your gala event with lovely Victorian beauties and dashing Gilded Age gentlemen.

Secrets of The Pirate Queens

An original play written by Dianne Jacoby who portrays audacious female pirate queen Anne Bonney. Maggie Thierrien portrays her partner in crime, raucous pirate queen Mary Read and Kelly McTaggart is the notorious and dashing pirate Captain Calico Jack Rackam!
Dinner Theater & Events at the Raintree Restaurant August 14, 2014