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Haunted Theatre

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Description of Haunted Theatre

Haunted Theatre

“Haunted Theatre: the Last Act” is a fun-filled, scary night of rollicking Halloween theatre. A plethora of beautifully costumed spirits, visiting from our ancient cemeteries, run, yell and creep onto the stage telling their thrilling tales.

The flamboyant phantom Missy Dean, the Voodoo Queen, casts a ghastly and grisly spell for each and every situation. The Voodoo Queen soon encounters a vicious, soul sucking hag who leads her on a terrifying chase.

Naughty 18th century “seamstress” Catalina, who stole the hearts of Spanish soldiers prances onstage to tell her lively story soldiers and the result was murder!

Henry Flagler’s deranged wife Ida Alice still resents Henry choosing “that bug-infested wilderness of St. Augustine” for their honeymoon so she haunts the Hotel Ponce de Leon and Flagler College to this day, and graces the stage to tell her story!

The ghostly but resplendent Haitian General Jorge Biassou enjoys regaling you with tales of vicious battles and fancy dress balls.

Poor young Elizabeth stands alone at the City Gate. She’s dead but doesn’t know it as she waits to be joined by other victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic.

There’s even a dashing Pirate Captain, the murderous Buccaneer Robert Searles, expertly portrayed in all his cruelty. But this bold Pirate’s fate proves grim when the innocent but pugnacious ghost of Searles’ youngest victim taunts and haunts him until he takes takes his own life.

There’s a nun, a very spooky cat, a Zombie Spanish soldier and many, many more stories from beyond!

The ghosties of Haunted Theatre look forward to making your acquaintance and getting to know you up close and personal in a night of thrilling, chilling Halloween theater!

Contact Raintree Restaurant at (904) 824-7211
to reserve a dramatic culinary experience for your group.

Double Trouble Theatre Company

Haunted Theatre November 14, 2018